Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Crossing by Mandy Hager

Ideas of religion with a twist.... Would you bite the hand that feeds you?
The third book I will be reviewing in 'The Crossing' by Mandy Hager.

Mariam, a naive teenager, has been told that she is the chosen one and a blessed sister, protected from the tribulation that destroyed the rest of the globe, along with other girls that had been collected from their home-land. When she partakes in the sacred ritual of Crossing, she is lead to a boat where she would live with the other apostles and sisters who had already Crossed. As her life on board progresses she learns some very dark secrets. She soon discovers being a blessed sister isn't what she thought at all. She now must choose wether to believe what she had been told all her life and ignore all of the strange happenings, or defy authority and save the people she loves from a terrible fate.

The story is very confusing and as the plot unfolds before your eyes you soon find your jaw dropping in surprise with Mandy's boldness. The story is amazing and very creative... A strange idea but very engrossing. The Crossing is part of a triliogy- the blood of the lamb. This book had me from the start and I read it very quickly as I loved it so much.


Mandy Hager
This author has written numerous novels for young teens and was born in NZ.
She is married and with kids and sounds as if her life is going pretty well!
Find out more about her on her blog http://www.mandyhager.com/mandy.html

Thanks book addicts (and of course Mandy Hager!!) and here's to your secret obsession,
Read like a writer, write like a reader...
Zara King

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  1. I really like your blog and your reviews. I just have a question. Are the numbers a rating system? If so what are they out of? Thanks :)