Sunday, February 6, 2011

Guardian of the dead by Karen Healey

A disturbingly wonderful book of a teenager who gets mixed up in myths and legends... Or are they?
The second book that I will be reviewing is Guardian of the dead by,Kiwi/ Australian author, Karen Healey.

Teenager Ellie is 'trying' to live it up at her boarding school, whilst her parents travel around the world after her mother's cancer scare. Nothing really matters to this bold and delinquent teen. Until she meets and quickly falls in love with Mark Haddon, the mysterious boy who turns her life upside down. His life soon becomes her night-mare and his secrets slowly take over her life...

Karen has definitely worked her magic with Maori history and heritage. After reading the book, I have developed an interest in Maori culture and their beliefs. She intrigued me with the ideas but I often got lost in the twists and turns of the plot-line and found it confusing at some points which can be difficult for inexperienced readers but I hope that you can persist with the jumpy pace as you will enjoy the outcome and be both shocked and suprised throughout the entire book. The ending, however, was very dissapointing for me. I wanted there to be so much more and the ending had so much potential to be better but I was let down. The book wasn't too long but I would have liked it to have been shorter as some parts seemed pointless to me. Her ideas were amazing and I am still puzzled on how she came up with such a great story line!


Karen Healey:
Karen was born and grew up in Wangarai. She moved around New Zealand for most of her life and attended University in Canterbury. After-wards she travelled to Japan to teach English for two years. Around this time she wrote Guardian of the dead and has written two other books. She says she plans to return to New Zealand at some point but right now is happy where she is.
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Thanks book addicts (and of course Karen Healey!!) and here's to your secret obsession,
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