Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Ten P.M. question

A young boy and his journey through life.
The fourth book I will be reviewing in 'The Ten P.M. question' by, Kiwi, Kate De Goldi.

This story follows a tween, Frankie, and his life and struggles through family life and growing up.
He can't stop worrying about everything. The rash on his chest, the spider in the corner of his room and most of all, his mum. His routine in life is simple. Get to school, return, homework, dinner, cake and when the clock strickes Ten he is in his mum's room asking her the questions that have bugged him all day.
I was incredibly bored throughout this book. It was simply a slice of life in Frankie's world and although quirky and funny it failed to captivate me and most likely the targeted audience. Nothing exciting occured and I found myself having learnt nothing at the end. There were vague snippets of potential and the book had so much to offer but sadly failed. The characters were very creative. Frankie made me laugh a lot and I'm glad he was the main character in the story as he was very different and imaginitve. He definitly made the story work for me!

Kate De Goldi
Kate De Goldi has written a variety of books and I suggest you take a squiz at her picture books such as 'Uncle Jack' and 'The Lolly Leopold stories' as they were particularly entertaining!
Find out more about her on her information page
Thanks book addicts (and of course Kate De Goldi!!) and here's to your secret obsession,
Read like a writer, write like a reader...
Zara King

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